L E S _ F R I G O S

Paris, 2016

During my studies at L' École Spéciale d'Architecture, I lived at Les Frigos for 2.5 months. It was the atelie of the sculptor Joris Henne, where I had my first co-living experience. In addition to the spaces where I lived and where Joris worked, there was: a toilette with paper-thin walls, a bathtub in the open kitchen, another artist's workspace, and the main tenant's room.
The lack of solid walls between the spaces led to the creation of an unspoken code of behavior, rules - ETIQUETTE:
- The time for working and making any noise ended as night fell;
- Use of the bathtub was communicated in advance;
- A white curtain ensured my privacy;
- Cooking stinky food was forbidden;
- The sofa was a firm boundary between two spaces;
- Other people's belongings were not touched;
- Cleaning took place immediately after any activity that disturbed the order.