L E S _ F R I G O S

Paris, 2016

Along with education in L’ École Spéciale d'Architecture my living conditions for 2,5 months were happening in a  workshop of a sculptor, graduated from l‘École des Beaux Arts, Joris Henne.

This surrounding was my first experience of a communal living. Apart from the places where I lived and where Joris worked,
there also were: a paper wall closet, a bathtub in the kitchen, a workplace for another painter and a room of the major tenant.
The castle where all these were happening is called „Les Frigos“ (located in a 13 Arrondisment of Paris).
Lack of solid walls between our privat areas lead to creation of non pronounced code of behaviour - ETIQUETTE

- time of working and creating any noise reduced till the fall of night;
- usage of the bathtub was announced in prior;
- cooking of smelly food was forbidden
- shared object - couch - was at the same time the separation object;
- my visual privacy was controlled with a white curtain;
- belongings of a person were not touched;
- cleaning was happening right after any action.