Ksenia Oganesyan

With 5 senses, our brain receives many more impulses than we consciously note. And we are still influenced by those signals that we are not aware of. A curtain, as a surface that covers a large part of the room, is one of the sources of information. As long as it serves a functional purpose, it can be made of any material. A material associated with one purpose and used in a different one gives a new signal to the brain. I find it interesting to use unconventional materials and bring a new experience to our daily life with a simple gesture.

12. 2023 “Berlin Craftsmenship”, Voo Space, Berlin
07. 2023 “The Room I Walk The Line”, Forma Gallery, Berlin
05. 2015 “Disappearing architecture”, L40 Venue, Berlin
03. 2012  “Arts&Crafts” Vkhutemas Gallery, Moscow

07. 20 / 07.21  Architect at BSL-Architekten BDA GmbH, Berlin
04.18 / 06.20 Architect at Goodbye Earth GmbH, Berlin
03.17 / 03.18 Project assistant at  SMAQ Architektur und Stadt GmbH, Berlin
12.15 / 02.16 Internship with Philippe Rahm architects, Paris

10.14 / 06.16 Hochschule Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau, Master of Arts
08.15 / 12.15 L’École Speciale d’Architecture, Paris
09.09 / 07.14 Moscow Architectural Institute, Bachelor of  Architecture